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Remember, each item on our website is a One of a Kind  and can be re-made as a custom item just for you. 

Discover the Versatile Charm of Baby Boho – Available in 2 Sizes!

Keep in mind that every product featured on our website is a unique masterpiece, and can be expertly recreated to your specifications.

Meet Baby Boho: A harmonious fusion of medium-temper veg tan body and the Santa Fe leather flap. Accentuating the design, the flap features a hand-braided leather rolled braid in stunning turquoise and whiskey shades.

Express Your Style! LOVE IT, OWN IT!! While this particular bag has been claimed, we're excited to collaborate on crafting a bespoke bag tailored to your preferences.

For those who seek unmatched distinction, our complete custom bags are available upon request. Partner with us to design a bag as beautifully unique as you are. Explore the possibilities now.

Baby Boho

  • Darlington Custom Leather uses the finest leathers from around the world to create our leather items.  Leather requires care and protection to keep it looking and feeling the way you want it to be.  Your bag will arrive with a fresh coat of leather balm and bee's wax.  For best results, condition your leather at minimum once per year and immediately after any encounters with water.  Leather should be kept out of direct sunlight if you do not want the leather to darken.  If you love that glorious sun kissed patina of veg tan leather, keep it exposed to the light but keep it moisturized.  We love and recommend natural beeswax/lanolin products to care for our leather items.


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