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GLORIOUS VINTAGE SEA TURQUOISE is a custom crafted leather made on Italian hide. You are buying this exact piece.  2/3 oz, sealed top, slightly waxy with baked in pull up. 

Not sure which leather to choose for your next build, that's what we're here for!  You can message Val for a one on one video session - FREE!

Text us or call 406.717.5300. 

Want even more help, tutorials or specific advice on your project? 

Join our elite group of luxury bag makers on Facebook at USA LEATHER BAGMAKERS Q&A

Leather is an all natural hide and will always have blemishes, scars, discolorations, holes, ragged edges.  If you have questions please call, text or message us to see the exact hide up close and in person. 


  • 2/3oz soft temper, fully sealed top, baked in pull up


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