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Remember, each item on our website is a One of a Kind  and can be re-made as a custom item just for you. 

Keep in mind that every product featured on our website is a unique masterpiece, and can be expertly recreated to your specifications.

While this specific bag has been claimed, let's work together to design an exclusive piece just for you!

Experience the Uniqueness of a brindle hair-on-hide bag with luxurious, long espresso fringe. The bag boasts spacious and well-organized interior pockets, making it suitable for your laptop or as an exquisite daily carry accessory. While this exact bag has found its home, we're excited to create a bespoke bag that matches your individuality.

For those who seek unmatched distinction, our complete custom bags are available upon request. Reach out to us today, and let's collaborate on designing a piece as beautifully unique as you are. Explore the possibilities now.

Crypto Cowgirl

  • Darlington Custom Leather uses the finest leathers from around the world.  Leather bags require care and protection.  Your bag will arrive with a fresh coat of leather balm and bee's wax.  For best results, condition your leather at minimum once per year and immediately after any encounters with water. 


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