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Who’s ready to be utterly and incomparably FABULOUS IN PLATINUM?


Are you a trendsetter, a woman with a certain je nais se quois, a fashion icon??? This Paradise Convertible is for you. Captivating gold tipped shimmer metallic hair on hide with gold acid wash marks you as a fashion maven!  Buttery soft platinum Italian leather on the back features a handy slip pocket for your phone and a concealed carry pocket.


The interior is “tres magnificent” in delicate white and shimmering gold cotton canvas. Two slip pockets on one side and one zippered pocket on the other side.


Carry your bag as a shoulder bag, handle bag or simply pull the straps to convert to a most fabulous backpack. 

Grab this bag NOW!


Solid Gold Convertible Bag

  • Darlington Custom Leather uses the finest leathers from around the world.  Leather bags require care and protection.  Your bag will arrive with a fresh coat of leather balm and bee's wax.  For best results, condition your leather at minimum once per year and immediately after any encounters with water. 


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