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Introducing our exquisite Goldrush bag, a contemporary rendition inspired by a timeless classic originated by Guccis more than 70 years ago. Unveiled through a custom order, this Goldrush iteration is enhanced by a stunning gold crest brooch contributed by the client. Elegance meets functionality as the bag features a substantial gold chain adorned with detachable spring rings, each adorned with crystals. An adjustable leather strap adds to its versatility, ensuring a personalized fit.

Meticulously handcrafted, the bag showcases a front panel crafted from opulent white Cambridge leather, while the back is adorned with captivating gold acid wash cowhide, creating a striking visual interplay. Inside, the interior surprises you with a well-placed zipper pocket, offering both style and utility.

But the magic doesn't end here – the Goldrush bag is an open canvas for your creativity. With a variety of premium leathers at your disposal, you can personalize your very own Goldrush masterpiece that resonates with your unique style and preferences. Seize the opportunity to embrace this contemporary classic, make it an extension of your personality, and relish in the exclusive charm that the Goldrush bag brings, only available at Darlington Custom Leather.

The Goldrush Bag



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